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We make Digital PR simple for everyone.


For SME’s to Enterprise. Prices from:


  • Minimum 8 Links Guaranteed
  • Maximum 60 days turn around time
  • English Speaking markets
  • Bespoke campaigns created
  • Money back guarantee* (full or partial)
  • Need more links? No problem.

For Brands & Agencies. Prices from:


  • Complete Digital PR Training
  • In house brands & Agencies
  • One on one support
  • Learn Ideation, campaign creation & outreach
  • Exercises & role play
  • Ongoing support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices work on a package basis. You buy a package of Digital PR and get our minimum guaranteed number of backlinks from top tier media publications. It is not per month, it is per package. We will execute as many individual campaigns within a package as required to hit our guarantee.

If you want more more links, just multiply the cost accordingly.

Our prices are in GBP. If you are non-UK or wish to pay in USD, CAD, EURO, AUD or NZD we use Wise and adjust your end currency on FX rates & Wise fees.

All invoices are payment in advance of work. No exceptions.

We do planned Reactive PR, expert commentary and Data led campaigns.

We don’t do big hero campaigns, they are too risky now.

We also don’t rely on platforms like HARO.

We create and pitch bespoke Digital PR campaigns to a wide pool of media.

We’re always happy to provide examples of our work so get in touch for a proposal.

We believe in our ability to deliver for clients. We believe this so much that after 60 days of starting a PR package, if we have failed to deliver the minimum link guarantee we’ll offer you the following choice:

  1. Offer you a pro rated refund. eg, we under achieve by half, we’ll offer you half your money back.
  2. In the unlikely event we’ve delivered nothing, we’ll offer you a 100% refund.
  3. We’ll ask you whether you wish for us to carry on working until the minimum guarantee is achieved.

We’re able to offer this because we have absolute confidence in our ability to deliver what we promise.

*There are terms & conditions applied to any money back guarantee. Please get in touch for a proposal and details.

We set a 60 day TAT (Turn around time) on Digital PR packages. Most of the time we achieve the minimum KPI way before then.

Some clients wish to work on a retained basis for regular work or negotiate a way of working that is more bespoke to their business needs. For those clients we operate on rolling contracts with minimum terms of 3 to 6 months with 3 months notice periods.

We are not like some other agencies that insist on lengthy contracts with no break clause. Using the excuse “Digital PR is a long term commitment” is code speak for “We have huge overheads so need to tie you in, sorry”.

We do. So that mean’s the answer is Yes.

What we don’t do is guarantee Digital PR campaigns.

We guarantee links from PR packages.

We might hit a KPI with one campaign. Or it might take 2, 3 or 5 campaigns to hit a KPI. That is why we sell Digital PR as a package

The important thing is we place a guarantee on the delivery of what you are paying for.

Do you need Digital PR?

If you want to know more about how we can work together and are ready for the best media coverage & links, get in touch.